Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Pack mentality pervades... can we think of something else to say?

"John Ashcroft was a lightning rod."
- Tom Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, Tues. Nov. 9

"John Ashcroft was a lightning rod."
- Peter Jennings, ABC World News, Tues. Nov. 9

"He has also been a willing lightning rod for critics who said his policies for thwarting terrorists infringed on the rights of innocent people."
- San Francisco Gate

"At the same time, he has been a lightning rod for criticism of his handling of the U.S. end of the war against terror, especially the detention of terror suspects."
- S.F. Examiner

"During his nearly four years as attorney general, John Ashcroft was a willing lightning rod for critics who said his get-tough policies for thwarting terrorists infringed on the rights of innocent people."
- Arizona Republic

"He has been a lightning rod, and he's probably caused the Bush administration trouble that it wishes would go away," said James Stimson, a political science professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "His views on social and religious issues are just nothing like compassionate conservatism."
- Palm Beach Post

"Mr. Ashcroft has been the administration's lightning rod through his passionate advocacy of the Patriot Act and an unsuffessful effort to strengthen it."
- Toledo Blade

"Ashcroft's legacy includes being a lightning rod for criticism of the administration's tough-on-terror policies."
- NY Daily News

"Attorney General John Ashcroft, a lightning rod for criticism of the Patriot Act, has submitted his resignation after four years on the job."

"U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, a key player in the Bush administration's war on terrorism and often a lightning rod for criticism from civil libertarians, resigned Tuesday as the nation's leading law enforcement official."
- Detroit Free Press

"The former Missouri senator has served in turbulent times, and he has been a lightning rod for controversy."
- Denver Post

"Ashcroft was a lightning rod for criticism from civil liberties groups."
- The Guardian

"The resignation of Ashcroft, a lightning rod for critics of the administration's domestic antiterrorism policies, was widely expected within conservative legal circles following Bush's victory in the presidential election last week."
- Boston Globe

"Ashcroft has been a lightning rod from the start, for everything from covering up bare-breasted female statues symbolizing justice to his enforcement of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act."
- NY Post

"Ashcroft has been a lightning rod for problems, and it is conceivable that the president may want to tone down some of the criticism."
- CBS Market Watch

Google News: "John Ashcroft" "lightning rod"



Charles Schumer can't resist one more pot-shot: "He's better than Ashcroft"

WASHINGTON - With a hug and words of high praise, President Bush named Alberto Gonzales as attorney general on Wednesday, elevating the administration's most prominent Hispanic to a highly visible post in the war on terror.

"His sharp intellect and sound judgment have helped shape our policies in the war on terror," Bush said of the man who has served as the White House's top lawyer over the past four years.

In an announcement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Bush touched on Gonzales' personal story — a boy who grew up poor in a family of eight children in a two-bedroom house in Texas — and now is in line for a Cabinet post.

"'Just give me a chance to prove myself,' that is a common prayer for those in my community," said Gonzales, who would be the first Hispanic to hold the nation's top law enforcement job. "Mr. President, thank you for that chance."

If confirmed by the Senate, the 49-year-old Texan would replace John Ashcroft, who announced plans on Tuesday to step down after four stormy years in the post.

Even before the formal announcement, one Senate liberal welcomed the appointment of "someone less polarizing" to the position. "We will have to review his record very carefully, but I can tell you already he's a better candidate than John Ashcroft," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a member of the Judiciary Committee.

Yahoo News: Bush Picks Gonzales to Succeed Ashcroft



John Kerry wants to give us more flip-flops in 2008

John Kerry has only begun to fight. The despondent, depressed, clueless senator thinks that the presidency is his birthright and that Americans agree with him. Kerry is deluded by the 55 million votes he received in the election. Yes, Kerry received more votes than any Democrat in history - unfortunately for him many of those votes cast were against Bush and not for Kerry. Many Democrats were not enthusiastic about a Kerry presidency. They simply wanted to get George W. Bush out of office. They would have voted for Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean or Dennis Kucinich.

Kerry fueled talk about a 2008 bid during remarks at a Washington restaurant Saturday night. He provoked a thunderous reaction by reminding about 400 campaign aides and volunteers that Ronald Reagan twice sought the Republican nomination for president before winning it in 1980.

"Sometimes God tests you," Kerry told the crowd at H20, a restaurant on the Potomac waterfront, according to an aide. "I'm a fighter, and I've come back before."

After a few months, Kerry will fade back into the Senate backdrop. He did not distinguish himself as a noteworthy senator during the last 20 years - not even during the Clinton years. Ronald Reagan ran twice and failed to get the nomination, he came very close in 1976. However, if Ronald Reagan was the '76 nominee and lost to Jimmy Carter he surely would not have been able to do it again in 1980. John Kerry had his chance - it is time for him let another Democrat get a stab at it.

The Democrats ran a strong campaign and they should be proud of that. They will be competitive in 2008, especially after 8 years of exile from the White House. However, Democrats are not clamoring that John Kerry was only man they want to see in the Oval Office. Perhaps he is still stunned by the loss, but his stated desire to run again in 2008 seems to reveal that Kerry is still obsessed with being president even though he failed to tell us why he wanted to be president.

Washington Post: 'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate

Update: Check out interesting commentary from Drink This..., Yankee from Mississippi, Down to the Piraeus, Catholic Light, Everything I Know is Wrong, Man Without Qualities, Mark Kilmer, Left Coaster, and Kevin Drum.



By Guest Blogger, S.H.

Whoever thinks we of Red-state, Republican, middle or silent America don't deserve respect.... you are wrong. So many of us in middle (and not-so-public) America have been silent for so long while the Hollywood elite on the coasts still pretend to be, in John Kerry's words, "the heart and soul of America".

If you don't believe my words, look at the evidence against the Left:
- Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911)
- Every Hollywood movie that denigrated us in some way or form
- MTV's cynical Rock the Vote
- P. Diddy (or whatever his name is right now) and his "Vote or Die" campaign
- Leftist rockers' Concert for Change (Bruce, Jon, REM, etc.)
- Dixie Chicks and their "I'm ashamed the president is from TX" shtick
- Whoopee Goldberg's dirtying Bush's name and doing the same to Cheney
- Bush=Hitler; Bush is a Nazi; Bush is the Antichrist; etc...
- The Left saying that Republicans are fundamentalist nuts, racists, sexists, gun-toters, environment-killers, animal-killers, etc.
- Enviro-terrorists destroying private property like SUV's at car dealerships
- College students being intimidated by the PC police because they are Republicans, conservatives, Christians or Jews
- Soldiers from Iraq and their families harrassed and spat upon
- Al Gore called the conservative bloggers "digital brownshirts"
- Al Gore screamed that the president betrayed his country
- Ted Kennedy accusing us of having re-opened the rape rooms in Iraq
- The real voter intimidation - hired goons attacking and destroying Republican offices around the country
- Campaign workers attacked when a Democrat tried to run down Republican volunteers with his car (Katherine Harris' district)
- A novel and a play about killing President Bush
- The Guardian attempting to influence the Ohio vote (which backfired!)
- CBS using falsified TANG documents against the president
- Whining about no WMDs when every Democrat, UN official, and concerned world citizen under the sun argued before the war in Iraq that there were
- Calling Mel Gibson every vile name under the sun for making a film about his Christian beliefs
- Insulting believing Christians for flocking to theaters to see Mel Gibson's film
- Daddy Soros-bucks made "deposing the president" the central goal of his life, as if the president were a Soviet leader
- The Nobel Committee attempting to influence our opinions by awarding its Peace Prize to Jimmy Carter, a man who did absolutely nothing to keep us safe, and who makes nice with every dictator to this day
- The Democrats acceptance of a "war hero" who later denigrated our soldiers in Vietnam and met with the enemy in Paris
- The threats agains the Swift Boat Vets because they came forward and spoke against a man who had used his four months in Vietnam as the qualifier for the presidency
- The choice of a consummate ambulance-chaser as veep candidate (whom the people of his own home state had come to love to hate)
- The use of Christopher Reeve's death as an opportunity to shame Christians and pro-life people
- Giving voice to conspiracy theories against Jews or even the U.S. government as to what or who caused 9/11
- Calling us racists and xenophobes because we believe that there's something better than what the Islamo-fascists are offering to people over the world (convert or be beheaded)
- Wishing out loud that the president was never born or even conceived (March for Women's Convenience, the protests against the RNC in NY, etc. - if Leftists had a time machine...)

And I can go on....

As Billy Joel sang in one of his songs, "We didn't start the fire."

For so long, we let the Left have at it. And you all took the freedom to hurt us in any way possibe. You all pounded us over, and over, and over, until we bled...

Yet, we had to take a stand with the only weapon at our disposal. And on November 2, we did.

We shouted out wide and clear that although we don't insult our neighbors like the way you do, that we are Americans just like you, and that we are worthy of respect. Since neither the Democrats nor the rest of the left gave us any respect for the last 4 years, we had to make you listen to us, whether you like it or not. And we now keep our heads high, and our flag waving for all to see that "our flag is still there."

So, get with the program, or we will continue voting you all out of office for as long as we can.

Have a nice day!



Congratulations to Week 9 Winner, The Man

Sunday, November 14th
Baltimore 2 N.Y. JETS
Pittsburgh 4 CLEVELAND
ST. LOUIS PK Seattle
WASHINGTON 3 Cincinnati
GREEN BAY 4 Minnesota
N.Y. Giants 2 ARIZONA
Monday, November 15th
Philadelphia DALLAS 41½

NCAA Football
Saturday, November 13th
NOTRE DAME 11 Pittsburgh
(10)WEST VIRGINIA 7 (21)Boston College
(3)AUBURN 5 (5)Georgia
(11)VIRGINIA (17)Miami Florida

Rules: Send your picks before I post MY picks, Friday at 5pm. Choose who you think will beat the spread for each game. As a tiebreaker, predict the total points for the Monday night game. Tiebreaker decided by who comes closest to the total (regardless of over/under). E-mail your picks to GALVINOPINION at YAHOO dot COM. If you have a blog, give me your URL.


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