Thursday, November 18, 2004


The New York Times: Republicans Outnumbered in Academia, Studies Find

The New York Times discovers another example of the lack of diversity on college campuses. However, the homogenous makeup of colleges doesn't concern race or gender but the political and partisan leanings of college professors. The New York Times is so intrigued by the study that says most professors are Democrats that it doesn't even name the study - that must be a journalistic first. Although, it seems that Professor Klein will be drummed out of the Ivory Tower for revealing academia's nasty secret.

- One of the studies, a national survey of more than 1,000 academics, shows that Democratic professors outnumber Republicans by at least seven to one in the humanities and social sciences. That ratio is more than twice as lopsided as it was three decades ago, and it seems quite likely to keep increasing, because the younger faculty members are more consistently Democratic than the ones nearing retirement, said Daniel Klein, an associate professor of economics at Santa Clara University and a co-author of the study.

Professor Klein will not be invited by the young turk professors to their flag-burnings. The real question is will these 6 Republican professors, in the infancy of their careers, be outed by GOPophobes?

- In a separate study of voter registration records, Professor Klein found a nine-to-one ratio of Democrats to Republicans on the faculties of Berkeley and Stanford. That study, which included professors from the hard sciences, engineering and professional schools as well as the humanities and social sciences, also found the ratio especially lopsided among the younger professors of assistant or associate rank: 183 Democrats versus 6 Republicans.

Hooray, David Horowitz to the rescue! Here is the home page for Students for Academic Freedom. Do you what you can to help out, even make a contribution.

- The political imbalance on faculties has inspired a campaign to have state legislatures and Congress approve an "academic bill of rights" protecting students and faculty members from discrimination for their political beliefs. The campaign is being led by Students for Academic Freedom, a group with chapters at Berkeley and more than 135 other campuses. It was founded last year by the leftist-turned-conservative David Horowitz, who helped start the 1960's antiwar movement while a graduate student at Berkeley.

No wonder liberals don't want the military recruiting on college campuses, this is their turf. Colleges have become laboratories and breeding grounds for churning out new generations of indoctrinated, brain-washed Democrats.

- In first and second place, ahead of Time Warner, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft, were the University of California system and Harvard, whose employees contributed $602,000 and $340,000, respectively, to Senator John Kerry. At both universities, employees gave about $19 to the Kerry campaign for every dollar for the Bush campaign.

Why are there more Democrats than Republicans in academia? Well, Virginia, the answer is that Democrats are do-gooders and Republicans are evil, money-grubbing capitalists. I know this because the New York Times asked a liberal professor about the same thing!

- A Democrat on the Berkeley faculty, George P. Lakoff, who teaches linguistics and is the author of "Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think," said that liberals choose academic fields that fit their world views. "Unlike conservatives," he said, "they believe in working for the public good and social justice, as well as knowledge and art for their own sake, which are what the humanities and social sciences are about."

Once again, the New York Times figures something out well after the rest of the world already has done so.

Update: George Will picks up on this study. So do some bloggers, PrestoPundit, All Spin Zone, Instapundit, Strange Doctrines, 1754 blog, and Arizona State M.B.A. blog,


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