Friday, December 03, 2004


Today, The Galvin Opinion reached a milestone, 100,000 hits. Not bad for only 9 months, huh?

February 14, 2004: 1st Hit
September 2, 2004: 50,000 Hits
December 3, 2004: 100,000 Hits

Many thanks to all readers, googlers and fellow bloggers out there!



Barry Bonds through the years in 1990, 1994 & 2000 (FoxSports.com)

What Bonds told BALCO grand jury: Giants star told grand jury he used clear substance, cream provided by trainer Greg Anderson but believed they were flaxseed oil and arthritis balm

San Francisco Chronicle: Barry Bonds told a federal grand jury that he used a clear substance and a cream supplied by the Burlingame laboratory now enmeshed in a sports doping scandal, but he said he never thought they were steroids, The Chronicle has learned.
Bonds testified that he had received and used clear and cream substances from his personal strength trainer, Greg Anderson, during the 2003 baseball season but was told they were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis, according to a transcript of his testimony reviewed by The Chronicle.
During the three-hour proceeding, two prosecutors presented Bonds with documents that allegedly detailed his use of a long list of drugs: human growth hormone, Depo-Testosterone, undetectable steroids known as "the cream" and "the clear," insulin and Clomid, a drug for female infertility sometimes used to enhance the effect of testosterone.
Bonds told the grand jurors that he had given Anderson a $20,000 bonus and bought him a ring after the 73-home run season. He also bought the trainer a ring to commemorate the Giants' 2002 World Series appearance. When a juror asked why the wealthy ballplayer hadn't bought "a mansion" for his trainer to live in, Bonds answered: "One, I'm black, and I'm keeping my money. And there's not too many rich black people in this world. There's more wealthy Asian people and Caucasian and white. And I ain't giving my money up."

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