Friday, March 25, 2005


The media has ignored the disastrous and pervading influence of marijuana

Jeff Weise's blog

"I'm nothin' but your average Native American stoner. I'm mellow half the time, mostly natural, but mostly drug induced as well. I'm not a junkie, or an alcoholic, MJ is my gal' of choice. Enough about that though, I don't know why you're readin' this anyway. I'm gonna roll this joint so I'll c'ya later..."

The media has examined many aspects of the life of Jeff Weise, who massacred family members, teachers and students in Red Lake, Minnesota. What has been ignored (but only mentioned in passing) is Weise's illicit drug use. His fascination with guns and Nazi history have been justifiably examined.

For some reason, marijuana has been ignored as a harmless drug. But, marijuana must be examined in this case as a pernicious influence on the young killer. Weise proudly discussed his marijuana use. Questions must be asked about what role marijuana played in his desire to kill as many people as possible. Was Weise high on marijuana when he started his killing spree? How long has he been a user? How often did he use marijuana and how did it affect his mental state, judgment and violent tendencies?

This was a young, trouble man who suffered alone. Instead of reaching out to friends, relatives and adults he sought solace in the destructive force of marijuana. It certainly didn't help his life.

Very few media outlets have discussed the role that marijuana played in Jeff Weise's life. All factors in how this tragedy came about should be thoroughly examined. Marijuana has been tacitly ignored with a wink and a nod by an entertainment media that think it's harmless. It's about time that the destructive and negative influence that marijuana has on young people should be seriously discussed.

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