Tuesday, June 07, 2005

AP Poll: Religion Key in American Lives - Yahoo! News 

AP POLL: Nearly all U.S. respondents said faith was important to them and only 2 percent said they did not believe in God, according to the polling conducted for the AP by Ipsos.
In Western Europe, where Pope Benedict XVI complains that growing secularism has left churches unfilled on Sundays, people are the least likely to believe among the 10 countries surveyed for The Associated Press by Ipsos.

Only Mexicans come close to Americans in embracing faith, among the countries polled. But unlike Americans, Mexicans strongly object to clergy lobbying lawmakers, in line with the nation's historical opposition to church influence.

The polling was conducted in May in the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Korea and Spain.

Poll results
1) http://www.ap-ipsosresults.com

2) http://wid.ap.org/polls/050606religion.html

This interesting article contains in-depth insight on the countries polled about their religious views. Compare USA's views on religion with its political allies. The level of atheism in Europe is very high compared to that of Americans.

* Total of those who answer "I don't believe in God/ I don't know whether there is a God.../ I don't believe in a personal God..."

France: 49%
Germany: 56%
Italy: 19%
Spain: 36%
UK: 50%
USA: 17%

* Those who answer "I know God really exists and I have no doubts about it"

France: 24%
Germany: 22%
Italy: 51%
Spain: 32%
UK: 23%
USA: 70%

AP Poll: Religion Key in American Lives - Yahoo! News


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