Monday, June 20, 2005

THE DAILY 7: Durbin's doozy, Kristol & Hewitt, International Freedom Center blames America, Chirac loses again, Bolton Borked?, Asheana Maihepat 

1) Here's what's really wrong with what Senator Dick Durbin had to say, last week
- What Durbin said about our troops was far worse than the offensive comments that Trent Lott had to say
- While Trent Lott was trying to compliment a fellow senator at his birthday party (many Democrats like Hillary Clinton have complimented former KKK member, Robert Byrd), Durbin was intentionally sliming the reputation of our troops
- Lott's comments were off-the-cuff but Durbin's came from prepared text
- Yes, Durbin compared our troops to Nazis and Soviets but that also means he compared the captured Guantanamo terrorists to innocent concentration camp and gulag victims

2) William Kristol argues that Durbin should be stripped of his leadership position (like the way Trent Lott was), while Hugh Hewitt says Durbin should be censured by the Senate.

3) Ground Zero's Blame America exhibit: Family members of 9/11 victims are fearful that the International Freedom Center will be hijacked by anti-American interests.

4) Not Your Father's Wall Street Journal: "The Journal will add a Saturday issue named Weekend Edition, with a new emphasis on softer features - entertainment, travel, sports, arts, books, real estate and, yes, recipes.

5) Battle of Brussels: Blair seen as winner, French see Chirac as loser in latest European political fiasco.

6) John Bolton: Remember him? Neither do we.

7) Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease: Last week, a 12 yr old girl complained about her yearbook photo and parents demanded that the school recall all 200 yearbooks that had already been printed and paid for. Now, she has had a full makeover and presumably the superficiality of prom dresses and glamour shots will take Asheana Maihepat very far in life. Crybabies are the newest powerful interest group.


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