Thursday, June 23, 2005


1) Existing home sales 2nd highest in History: All the more reason to sell your house before the government gives it away thanks to the latest Supreme Court decision.

2) You might have better luck owning a home in Socialist-friendly France: Increasingly number of Americans are buying apartments in Paris

3) FOURTH OF JULY IS CANCELLED: East Hampton Village can't put on fireworks display because pyrotechnics will be "traumatic" for newly hatched federally protected piping plover chicks

4) George Will: On using "embarrassment" to spur eduacation reforms for No Child Left Behind.

5) The UN is finally investigating a country that commits human rights abuses: Um, maybe not.

6) Eric Fettman: Several leading Democrats have spent the past few days furiously back tracking from an outrageous — and thoroughly under-reported — demonstration of blatant anti-Semitism that manifested itself last week at a congressional quasi-hearing.

7) More sexism from European sports officials: Danica Patrick is upset at Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone and confused by his comments likening women to ``domestic appliances.''


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