Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Senator Dick Durbin did make an apology. But, it doesn't seem that Dick Durbin apologized for what HE SAID. He only apologized for people misconstruing what he said.

An apology is when someone admits that they were wrong and are remorseful. There are no indications of an admission of guilt nor regret in the following words...

"I took the floor of the Senate to speak about genuine heartfelt concerns about the treatment of prisoners and detainees at Guantanamo"
"I raised legitimate concerns"
"I made reference to the Nazis, Soviets and other repressive regimes.”
" I'm sorry if anything that I said caused any offense or pain
“Some may believe that my remarks crossed a line. To them, I extend my heartfelt apologies."
"I offer my apology for those offended by my words."

What you didn't hear...
"I was wrong"
"I regret what I said"
"I hope victims of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot forgive me"
"I humbly ask for forgiveness from our great military service members"
"I am sorry for what I did"
"In order to make amends, I resign from the leadership position of my party."

I wonder what reaction will be; will people tired of this (and all other Washington sniping) move on, will people not accept his words? We'll see...

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Full text from Sen. Durbin website: DURBIN APOLOGIZES ON SENATE FLOOR FOR GUANTANAMO BAY ANALOGIES Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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