Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This is a Galvin Opinion "Fearless Prediction" that New York City will win the bid for the 2012 Olympics. Why? Call it mostly a hunch but I do have a few reasons. Here are 5 reasons why the favorite, Paris, won't win and why New York (and another likely choice, London) could get the surprise of the year.

1) The favorite, Paris, has a "faltering bid". French President Jacques Chirac flew to Singapore on Tuesday and found out he had to bolster the Paris campaign.

2) The competition is not as clear cut as "experts" make it out to be. Paris is no longer a shoe-in. New York, London and Paris are 3 of the world's most famous, powerful and glamorous cities. As complicated, modern cities they have basically the same advantages and drawbacks as each other. Plus, "IOC president Jacques Rogge has described the vote as too close to call."

3) The IOC has a penchant for making surprise announcements when awarding its Summer Games. Three of the last 4 votes did not go for the "favorites".

4) New York, led by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has led an aggressive campaign to convince the IOC to select its bid. Hillary Clinton (popular around the world for reasons I don't know why) has been a huge hit in Singapore at the IOC meetings while boosting NYC's chances.

5) London, led by Prime Minister Tony Blair, is putting on a strong bid, too. Don't be surprised if the Brits win the Summer Games and that would be a huge blow to Paris's candidacy as well as French pride. Blair has been personally meeting with IOC members, something that Chirac has not done.

2) London
3) Paris
4) Madrid
5) Moscow

Ironically, most New Yorkers don't want or are indifferent towards an attempt to land the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Public opinion polls have shown that people in the European cities are very enthusiastic and supportive of plans to host the 2012 Olympics.

New York does not need the Olympics to achieve worldwide prominence (like the way Atlanta sought to be seen as a world-class city). However, New York's ingenuity, resourcefulness and tenacity make it the perfect city to host an event of this magnitude.

NYC 2012 Website: NYC 2012: New York City's Olympic Bid

* Remember, this "Fearless Prediction" only means something if I was proved clairvoyant in my predictions. If my crystal ball is wildly wrong, this burst of bravado should be forgotten, immediately.


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