Thursday, September 29, 2005


22 Democrats voted against Chief Justice John Roberts. Here is my take on why certain Democrats voted for and against him.

Hillary Clinton: NO
Isn't this obvious? She is having to shore up her credibility with the wacky left-wing of her party. If Roberts sides with majorities that liberals will find abhorrent between now and the 2008 presidential election, she'll have this vote to say, "I told you so!"

Evan Bayh: NO
Senator Bayh vote against Roberts is a clear indication that he is running for president. He is known as a mild-mannered moderate senator from the Republican stronghold of Indiana. The only reason he has to vote against Roberts is to mimic Hillary Clinton and prove his liberal "bona fides." This is a vote that could haunt him because he'll never be trusted by liberals and will now be raising eyebrows among moderates and cross-over Republicans.

Patty Murray: YES.
I am no expert on the liberal senator "mom in tennis shoes" but this took me surprise. She voted for Roberts and Bayh voted against Roberts? I don't know why she voted yes but perhaps she did it in the spirit of fairness and bi-partisanship. If so, The Galvin Opinion applauds Patty Murray. But, we would like to dig further and find out what factors went into her vote.

Barack Obama: NO
The Illinois Republican party is in shambles. Obama could have voted against John Marshall and it wouldn't matter at all. Remember, Barack Obama is a star. Ugh.

Blance Lincoln and Mark Pryor: YES
From Arkansas, a Bush state. Duh. Other "duh votes" are Colorado's Ken Salazar, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, Florida's Bill Nelson, Montana's Max Bacus, Nebraska's Ben Nelson and North Dakota's Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan.

Jim Jeffords: YES.
Remember when he swung the senate to the Democrats favor by leaving the Republican party and became a media darling in the process? He was fawned over by the Today show's Katie Couric and was on the cover of national news weeklies. Now that the Republicans are in firm control of the Senate the media forgot all about him. Jeffords is the missing senator. Nice to see he still has some sense in him.

Pleasant Surprises:
Christopher Dodd (CT), Joe Lieberman (CT) and Carl Levin (MI).

Any other thoughts? Senate Roll Call on Roberts Nomination - New York Times


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