Monday, October 31, 2005


Remember last week when the demise of the Harriet Miers nomination was declared to be an indication that the Bush presidency was in trouble? Well, the nomination of Samuel Alito indicates that a president can instantly revive his fortunes (if he was in trouble, at all). All those breathless declarations that President Bush's political fortune was on the verge of collapse was not even premature but absolutely foolhardy.

Democrats might be aghast at the Alito selection but conservatives are delighted. The same conservatives who were upset by the Miers nomination are now going to fight tooth and nail for Judge Alito. Instead of being "depressed and demoralized" (like what Bill Kristol was one month ago) conservatives of all stripes, from the Beltway to the heartland, will be excited and revitalized by the notion of a Justice Alito on the Supreme Court.

The animus on the part of conservatives towards the Miers pick was not a personal rebuke of President Bush. Disappointed conservatives felt that Bush had an opportunity to pick an outstanding candidate and let them down by making an underwhelming decision. Congratulations to Judge Alito and a "hurrah" to President Bush for making an excellent choice. The prospect of Samuel Alito joining Chief Justice Roberts on the Supreme Court is a very exciting one, indeed.

Bush Selects Alito for Supreme Court


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