Friday, October 07, 2005


By attacking Bennett, liberals are unknowingly undermining their own pro-choice arguments

Liberals and the national media were up in arms over words that William Bennett supposedly said regarding his views on abortion. Only in the bizarro world of Brian Williams, Bob Schiffer, et al could a vanguard of the pro-life movement, Bennett, be characterized as advocating millions of abortions on top of the millions of abortions this country already endures.

The reason why liberals and Democrats are "pro-choice" is because they believe that women "control" their own bodies and hence have the moral authority to determine whether a conceived child is worthy of continuing its journey to share the joys and tribulations of the world with the rest of us. Pro-choice apologists like to say that a woman's choice leaves us better off because a woman having an abortion is making such a gut-wrenching decision that the eventual decision to have an abortion is done for worthy reasons. What would some of those reasons be? Well, a woman could say "I can't afford a baby at this time" "(economic decision), "I don't want my child to grow up deprived and be in a gang or steal a car" (crime reduction decision). Usually, Democrats like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry applaud the decisions that these women make. Pro-life conservatives like William Bennett have been arguing the exact opposite for decades.

The pro-life position on abortion is that no matter how dire your economic situation, no matter how much you fear that your baby will grow up to be a criminal, there is no case to be made that an abortion is a morally justifiable action to prevent your fears from coming true.

While an array of the media and liberal politicians attacked Bennett for discussing different ways that abortion can have an effect on the economy (in regards to Social Security solvency brought up by a caller) and crime rates, they endorse those same positions on a daily basis.

Policies advanced by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton and other pro-abortion politicians are practicing what they preach - along with a variety of other utilitarian reasons, they support the aborting of black babies for the purpose of a reducing crime.


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