Wednesday, November 09, 2005


In the November 14 issue of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol's editorial is entitled, "Fight Back, Mr. President". Kristol wrote,

Bush has been in a similar position before. We forget how much trouble he seemed to be in early in 2004. Then Kerry was nominated, and the Bush team focused the country on the real choices before it. In the contrast, Bush did fine. Bush once again needs to fight for support for his policies and to draw a contrast between his policies and those of his opponents. If you do not defend yourself against your critics, your political standing is going to erode. Bush owes it to himself, to his supporters, to the soldiers fighting in Iraq, and to the country to fight back.

The Galvin Opinion gave the White House similar unsolicited advice one month ago. Here is what I wrote in an October 14 article, "The Vision Thing: Bush, Conservatims and Ennui...

Instead of big government "compassionate conservatism", President Bush must remind us that it's the other way around - conservatism is compassionate because it doesn't believe in big government
"The Bush presidency is at a low ebb, what to do? As Pope John Paul II said, "Do not be afraid!" Fight back! [Ed: emphasis added] Grab the keys and drive the car in a different direction, in the right direction - in a rightward direction. President Bush must no longer govern in a way that reflects his fears. He must no longer govern in a way that disappoints his base. He must no longer govern in a way that sells America short.
He should address the country from the Oval Office and lay out a bold, unapologetic conservative plan. What does he say to us from behind his desk? His Oval Office address demands that Congress tighten its belt or he will veto bills until he gets a spending bill that wouldn't make a fatted pig blush. He tells the country that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Iraq and that the country should be proud of the job our soldiers have done. He reminds us that Afghanistan is a success story in the making when just four years ago it was the loneliest place on earth. He reminds us that the economy has been doing fantastic considering all that we have been up against since 9/11. He agrees with us that while America always welcomes new residents with open arms, immigration laws must be enforced. He assures us that a family is the most valuable of institutions and he knows how parents worry over and have ambitious dreams for their children. And in a charming way that reminds us of the sunny disposition of Ronald Reagan, President Bush tells us there are many reasons to believe we are headed in the right track and that our best days are ahead of us.

November 14, 2005: William Kristol: Fight Back, Mr. President

October 14, 2005: Thomas Galvin: The Vision Thing: Bush, Conservatims and Ennui

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