Thursday, November 10, 2005


Will New Jersey love Jon Corzine as much as he loves himself?

New Jersey asserted its Democratic party leanings and voted Jon Corzine for governor in a landslide. The state is facing many problems. Why do voters believe that Jon Corzine is the right man to turn around the Garden State? Corzine grew bored of being senator in his first term and ran for governor after serving his state for less than four years in Washington, DC. Before spending $65 million of his money for the privilege of being senator for barely a thousand days Corzine had never held elected office. Now, his aides are floating the idea of his running for president in 2008 despite the stench of corruption that swirls around him and his cronies.

Corzine has said that the biggest problem to tackle was high property taxes. As the New York Times noted, Corzine has not really given any concrete plan on how to lower property taxes. Democrats are at the zenith of their power in New Jersey. The state has given huge margins of victory to Democratic nominees in the recent presidential elections and now the state legislature has 59 Democrats compared to 30 Republicans. Corzine's party has the state's reins in its hands.

Beyond that, however, Mr. Corzine and his advisers gave little indication of how they plan to win support for his ambitious agenda, which also calls for a variety of proposals to discourage patronage hiring in a Legislature controlled by political bosses whose machines are nourished by patronage and sweetheart deals.

Corzine is a politician's politican. He used every cynical trick in the book to win the gubernatorial election. While Republican opponent Doug Forrester caught flak for rehashing an interview the New York Times conducted with the Democrat's ex-wife, Corzine received no criticism for running a commercial featuring a wheelchair-bound teenager who was tasked with the job of distorting Forrester's position on stem-cell research. Corzine will probably have to learn the hard way on what it takes to be governor. It is highly doubtful he has the temerity to roll up the sleeves, fight the corrupt party bosses and pull the state of New Jersey out of the morass of corruption.

What will Corzine do as governor? We shall find out.

Corzine Prepares to Assume New Title, and the Problems That Go With It - New York Times


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