Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tom Brokaw: "This is a time when those of us who care about science and Darwin have to take a stand. [don't] attempt to argue the theory of evolution — because there is no argument." NY Daily News

Ted Koppel: (on the Iraq war) "I think there's been one fiasco after another. I think they brought the wrong number of troops in the first place. I think they miscalculated the consequences. We never like to see it as an occupation, but from the point of view of many Iraqi citizens, if you have 150,000 foreign troops in your country and they have announced they are going to stay until they determine that it's the right time to leave — I'm sorry, folks, that's an occupation."

"I am of the opinion that when a nation goes to war, in one form or another the entire nation goes to war. It's not something you do on the cheap. It's not something that permits you to say, 'Well, let's let the kids who can't afford to go to college, who can't get a student deferment, let's let them go fight the war.' . . . And I don't want you folks to feel that you can't travel the way you could travel before — do all of the things that you could do before.' In that respect, I do take issue with the administration."NY Post


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