Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Conservative Poland Roils European Union - New York Times

Europeans are proud of their supposedly tolerant lifestyle in which they embrace all viewpoints no matter how fringe those ideas are. Of course, that self-righteousness is a canard spread by liberal Europeans who wish to impose their views upon the whole EU regardless of local political, social and religious beliefs.

When Polish members of the European Parliament placed an anti-abortion display in a parliamentary corridor in Strasbourg, France, recently, Ana Gomes, a Socialist legislator from Portugal, felt compelled to act, she said.

The display showed children in a concentration camp, linking abortion and Nazi crimes. "We found this deeply offensive," Ms. Gomes said. "We tried to remove it." A loud scuffle ensued as she and the Poles traded insults before the display was bundled away by Parliament guards.

According to the New York Times the Poles are too weak and dim to have their own reasons for being politically and socially conservative.

Concerns about American influence on Poland grew in November when Human Rights Watch charged that Poland was a host country in a network of secret C.I.A. prisons for terrorism suspects. European Union foreign ministers have asked the United States about that report. The Polish government denies the allegation but says it is happy to have the European Union investigate.

"We need to put a protective wing around some of our new countries that are quite unused to U.S. bullying," said Sarah Ludford, and a Liberal member of the European Parliament from Britain, referring to the report of covert prisons.

Ignoring hundreds of years of Polish history in which its strong Catholic faith was a central theme, the NYTimes asserts that Poland's Catholic identity and it's affinity for the United States is a reactionary security blanket or a "comfort" that insults the bravery and fidelity that Poles have exhibited for centuries.

From the perspective of the cold war and decades of Soviet bullying, Poland's leanings toward the United States may be understandable. In a similar fashion, Poles adhered to the Roman Catholic Church for comfort during the Communist years.

NYTimes: Conservative Poland Roils European Union

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