Friday, December 23, 2005


Grinch teacher ruins Christmas for wide-eyed tykes. This teacher should be fired for intentionally upsetting her 6-year old students.

In what is the epitome of arrogance and obnoxious behavior a Pennsylvania teacher, a substitute music teacher, told her students about "the Santa Claus myth." In an effort to make the children pawns of her "conscience", she was really hell-bent on ruining Christmas for many of her students' families.

“The poem has great literary value, but it goes against my conscience to teach something which I know to be false to children, who are impressionable,” said Farrisi, 43, of Myerstown. “It’s a story. I taught it as a story. There’s no real person called Santa Claus living at the North Pole.” Farrisi doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, and she doesn’t think anyone else should, either. She made her feelings clear to the classroom full of 6- and 7-year-olds, some of whom went home crying.

Schaeffer got off the school bus later that day, dragging her backpack in the mud, tears in her angry little eyes. “She yelled at me, ‘Why did you lie?’” recalled Jamey’s mother, Elizabeth. “‘Why didn’t you tell me Santa Claus died?’”

Elizabeth Schaeffer said she was appalled by Farrisi’s bluntness. “I had to call the school,” said Schaeffer, a part-time custodial employee for the school district who is on temporary leave after complications from her last child’s birth. “I had to do something.”

This woman feels it is her obligation to step in and interfere with what parents are teaching and telling their children at home. It has gotten to the point that parents can not safely assume that their children won't be victims of teachers who are determined to impose their value systems on vulnerable minds.

Meanwhile, Farrisi, who is well versed on the history of “Santa Claus” — the traditional and literary figure — clarified her comments. “I did not tell the students Santa Claus was dead,” she explained. “I said there was a man named Nickolas of Myrna who died in 343 A.D., upon whom the Santa Claus myth (is based).”

On Monday night, Jamey started to recite Moore’s famous poem while sitting on a couch next to a freshly cut tree, trimmed in tinsel and topped with a golden star: “’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house. No creatures stirred.” She paused, looked up, and said that’s when the teacher interjected, just a few lines before the verse that announces the arrival of “a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.”

“The teacher stopped reading and told us no one comes down the chimney,” Jamey said, curling into a ball on the couch, bracing her chin on her knees, her voice shrinking away like melting ice cream. “She said our parents buy the presents, not Santa.”

The teacher, Ms. Farrisi, engaged in outrageous conduct. She knew that her words would cause emotional distress for the children and the parents. Her reckless disregard for the children's well-being was a result of her own intention to upset the children and their families. This woman has displayed an appalling propensity for the willingness to upset her students in a horrible fashion. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED.

Amazingly, Northern Lebanon School District Superintendent Don Bell isn't sure if she could be fired. Here is his bureaucratic response...

Since the issue involves personnel, Bell said Monday, there is little he can say about the incident, adding that it has not been determined if any disciplinary action is warranted against Farrisi. Bell said he was aware that several parents have expressed concerns about the incident.

He also noted that the handling of Santa Claus isn’t covered in the school code. “We do not have a Santa Claus policy,” he said. “It’s unfortunate, but I really can’t say anything about it.”

I am sure there is something in the code about intentionally harming young children causing them to believe that their own parents are "lying" to them.

Ms. Farrisi is not fit nor qualified to teach such young children. I normally don't do this but feel it is warranted to publish phone numbers to convince these "educators" that harming children and ruining Christmas will not be tolerated.

1) Northern Lebanon School District
Phone: 717.865.2117
Fax: 717.865.0606

2) Lickdale Elementary School
Phone: 717.865.4012
Fax: 717.865.5396

Lebanon Daily News: Grinchy remark sends kids home in tears


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