Sunday, January 30, 2005


Kennedy's speech gave encouragement to the terrorists

[CNN]:Just three days before the Iraqi people go to the polls to elect a new government, the Massachusetts Democrat said America must give Iraq back to its people rather than continue an occupation that parallels the failed politics of the Vietnam war.
Kennedy, who has called Iraq "George Bush's Vietnam," drew parallels between that failed conflict and the current deadly battle against guerrilla insurgents. He said the United States must learn from the mistakes of Vietnam -- which he termed a misguided war that carried on too long and was not honestly portrayed by officials to the American people.

Ted Kennedy never once pledge that he would work with the president to make sure that our troops are safe and that Iraqis continue to believe that America is a good country with the best of intentions. Instead, Kennedy only found reasons to attack American involvement in toppling Saddam Hussein after the insurgency continued to flourish. However, if we had cooperation from allies like France and Germany and Turkey, the war's outcome would have been decidedly different. But, those countries were afraid of a local backlash and had officials who were in Saddam's pockets. This war, waged mainly by USA and Great Britain with the help of Italy, Poland, El Salvador and others has been a resounding success. The elections of today show that this Iraq War is definitely no Vietnam.

1. Iraqis lining up to vote in Az Zubayr, a village in southern Iraq.
2. Men and women lined up separately at a poll in Basra.

3. An Iraqi woman arrived at a polling staion in Sadr City with some help.
4. A donkey pulling a disabled man on a cart in Basra was checked for explosives.

5. An Iraqi woman smiles while casting her vote in a classroom that was used as a polling station in Baghdad's Karada neighborhood.
6. A woman held up her ID card and wept with joy after casting her vote in Najaf.

Photos and captions, New York Times


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