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NYers love Honest Hillary so much, she'd demolish "Rudy Who?" in 2006 Senate race

Is Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy?
Oct 2000: 45% Yes, 44% No
Feb 2005: 64% Yes, 30% No

Approval rating:
Oct 2000: 38%
Feb 2005: 65%

Potential Matchups:
Clinton 61, Pataki 30
Clinton 50, Pataki 44

Is Hillary Clinton a liberal?
Oct 2000: 62%, Yes
Feb 2005: 52%, Yes

New York Senator Hillary Clinton proves you can fool most of the people, all of the time. She has used the Empire State as a platform for her to assume her birthright, the White House. She has not achieved anything of significance in the Senate and she has not delivered any concrete results for the state of New York. Yet, she leads in a poll matchup against Rudy Giuliani, the man who saved New York City from debilitating crime and kept the city calm in the aftermath of 9/11. Good job, Hillary, your "Extreme Makeover" Project is working nicely.

Almost two-thirds of New York voters see Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton as honest and trustworthy, up from 45 percent who viewed her that way just before she was elected to the Senate in 2000, an independent statewide poll reported Wednesday.

The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey, like other recent statewide polls, also found the former first lady beating either former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani or Gov. George Pataki in her expected bid for re-election next year. Neither of the Republicans has shown any interest yet in the Senate race and all three of them are considered potential presidential contenders in 2008.

Among New York voters, 64 percent said Clinton is honest and trustworthy, while 30 percent said she is not. In a late September 2000 Quinnipiac poll, 45 percent of New York voters rated her honest and trustworthy. At the time, 44 percent of New York voters said she was not honest and trustworthy.

The turnaround for Clinton was also reflected in her job approval rating -- 65 percent in the new poll, an all-time high for her. Her approval rating among New York voters was 38 percent five years ago.

In theoretical matchups for the 2006 Senate race, Clinton was ahead of Pataki, 61 percent to 30 percent, and leading Giuliani, 50 percent to 44 percent.
Asked if they felt Clinton was "making a sincere effort to reach out to abortion rights opponents" or "just trying to remake her image to run for president," 37 percent of voters said her effort was a sincere attempt to reach out while 38 percent said it was motivated by a desire to remake her image.

New York's voters do tend to view Clinton as less liberal than they once did. In the latest poll, 52 percent said she was liberal, down from 62 percent who viewed her that way in the September 2000 poll.

New York City: Poll: Hillary honest, doing a good job


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