Tuesday, May 17, 2005


In fact, many people at Newsweek casually disregarded the loaded claim of Koran desecration

It turns out that Michael Isikoff relied on the claims by only one American official that a Koran was thrown down a toilet in Guantanamo Bay. Where have Isikoff and his Newsweek editors been the last 4 years? Since 9/11 we Americans have learned a great deal about Islam, fanatical Muslims and the agitating imams who are able to whip up mobs in a frenzy on simple whims. Isikoff should have known that the amazing story of a Koran's untimely demise in a toilet would cause serious angst in certain segments of the volatile Muslim world - especially in places where "mainstream media" is not a household term.

Isikoff must have heard like the rest of us how terms like "crusade" are a no-no when talking about the War on Terror. Did he think that the off-hand glib remarks about a Koran being flushed down the toilet would be easily sloughed off as a tee-hee and ha-ha, if you will?

The problem is that the most infamous journalistic scandals (of late) have arisen from zealous journalists trying to score points against the Bush administration without regard to consequential effects on the wider world. Isikoff naively thought that his story would cause a ripple in the Washington chattering class but go no further than the Beltway.

However, Isikoff did not follow the logic of how hurtful his words could be. In an effort to drum up the appearance that George W. Bush leads a cabal of sadistic Muslim-desecrators Michael Isikoff and his Newsweek editors never thought that horrified, and easily manipulated, Muslims would literally believe his claims.

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