Wednesday, May 18, 2005


There is a growing sentiment for the fantastic WTC Twin Towers to rise, again

The frustrating failure of the various New York State officials to agree on a plan to resurrect the World Trade Center (The Galvin Opinion never refers to it as "Ground Zero") has presented another opportunity for Twin Tower fans to state their case to build 2 new beautiful towers.

The best idea for a new set of Twin Towers comes from Kenneth Gardner and Herbert Belton. Their project, www.TwinTowersII.com, is a sensible plan that honors the innocent lives that were taken away from us and calls for the restoration of a powerful symbol that made America proud. Gradner wrote on his website, "...building new advanced versions of the Twin Towers would not only provide one of the most powerful remedies to heal this country from the 9/11 tragedy, the towers themselves would become one of the most successful developments and tourist attractions in the world."


The carefully thought out plan has well thought-out but simple and sensical designs. The old footprints would be commemorated by memorials that could be "replicas of the facades of the lower five stories of the original Twin Towers". The new Modern Twin Towers would be "shifted 300 feet east of their original footprints". The new twin towers would not be exact replicas of the 1970s era design but would evoke the original towers that Americans could grow to accustomed to and the rest of the world could recognize as a landmark of America's determined spirit.


As for the memorial, the creators have a great idea;
"The footprint-based memorials would be delineated with the first five stories of skin from the original Twin Towers or a replica. This, combined with the rebuilt Towers in the background would leave no doubt as to what happened, resulting in a powerful memorial. Within each footprint would be a circle containing half the flags of the 88 nations that lost people during the attacks and a granite wall with a non-hierarchical listing of those who died in that particular building. The north footprint could feature an arbor garden, while the south could feature a fountain. Both would be on a raised platform, shielding visitors from the noise of traffic below."


TwinTowersII.com is not a voice in the wilderness. There is a growing group of New Yorkers who have come to believe it is abundantly clear that the Daniel Libeskind/David Childs shotgun-wedding "Freedom Tower" design does not do justice to the World Trade Center.

Nicole Gelinas of the New York Post has been one of the voices consistently calling for a return of the Twin Towers. Her columns have talked about the proposed twin towers at length and became the de facto voice for the "Twin Towers II Design". Now, the Donald himself has gotten involved. Donald Trump has also said that a new version of the Twin Towers needs to be built and he has joined forces with Belton and Gardner.

The so-called Freedom Tower has been beset by questions of the utility of its design. The awkward looking structure has been criticized by architect critics, amateur critics on the sidewalks of New York and even the city's police department. If the politicians who have squabbled and squandered opportunities over the last 4 years can swallow their pride, we may see awe-inspiring Twin Towers rise up again.

Check out:
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NYPost, "Still Just a Big 'Zero' - "...there has been virtually no progress at Ground Zero over the last two years. Nonetheless, Gov. Pataki again defended architect Daniel Libeskind's plan for the site as "brilliant" and said it would continue to be the basis for rebuilding."

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"Twin Towers II Design" homepage: http://www.triroc.com/wtc/

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