Friday, June 17, 2005

THE DAILY 7: Michael Schiavo scores book deal, Absurd yearbook photo outrage, EU follies, Dirty Chicago, Kansas "F"-mail, Giacomo is done 

1) Michael Schiavo is cashing in on a book deal over the death of Terri Schiavo. When Michael Schiavo won a lawsuit over his wife Terri's brain damage, he sought to end her life. Only after a bitter decade-long legal battle with her parents did he see all the money go towards paying for her care. Now is his chance to get back those big bucks. NYPost: Shopping Schiavo

2) The American Victim Society strikes again: Parents of a 12 year-old girl, Asheana Maihepat, are calling for a recall of her school's yearbooks because they are upset by the girl's picture. Check out these ridiculous quotes from the mother, Michelle Maihepat...

-- "For the rest of her life, she's going to have to be ashamed of that horrible picture"
-- ""Twenty years down the line, she's going to look at this book with her friends, and her friends are going to say, 'What happened to you there?' "
-- "Who knows, one day she might be famous or have a lot of money and someone could blackmail her with that picture,"

3) EURO-SION: European Leaders Give Up on Ratifying Charter by 2006 The bulky, unwieldy constitution is on ice.

4) Second City is First: Chicago is America's dirtiest city. New York comes in 2nd, pigeons and rats promise to be dirtier next year.

5) Right on, bro: Victor Davis Hanson on what we're up against

6) Woops, F-Troop: University of Kansas informs 119 students that their failing grades jeopardize their financial aid packages.... via group-wide email!

7) Horse Feathers: Cinderella story and Kentucky Derby winner, Giacomo is done for the year.

Update: Others weighing in on these topics are, Drink This, Absinthe and Cookies.


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