Thursday, August 18, 2005


Moby: Customers at his tearoom, Teany, wold rather order their drinks than help a dying man on a Rivington Street sidewalk

The Lower East Side is one of the most liberal neighborhoods in very liberal Manhattan. Residents pride themselves on being peace-loving, altruistic, tolerant types. A resident of the Lower East Side would immediately tell you that Christians are hypocritical and that Republicans are selfish money grubbers who would never lift a finger to help a person in need.

Well, when the residents of the Lower East Side had a chance to prove themselves as worthy of their own self-congratulatory reputations, they failed miserably. People ignored a man who was dying in the street in front of a cafe. The very cafe owned by Moby, the musician who prides himself on bashing President Bush and having the smartest listeners, devotees and clientele around.

A man was fatally stabbed by a vagrant near dance-music icon Moby's Lower East Side tearoom in broad daylight yesterday — and shocked witnesses said passers-by just stepped over his body before cops arrived. The victim, George Drescher, had asked the homeless man why he was rooting through a trash can.

"He saw the guy rummaging through the garbage and he was making a mess and throwing things onto the sidewalk," said a police source. "Drescher said to him, 'What do you think you're doing?' "He pulled out a knife and looked him in the eye and stabbed him once in the chest." The stabber got away.

The victim, who has an arrest record, stumbled 50 feet along the sidewalk before collapsing outside the musician's vegan eatery, Teany, at 90 Rivington St. A Teany employee, who identified herself only as Juliette, said Drescher was in "his death throes" when he collapsed, his shirt "soaked through" with blood.

Some people were in too big a hurry to walk around his body, she said — and just stepped over it.

"Some people noticed, gawking. A lot of people just stepped over," she said. "I asked the cops to tape the front of the restaurant because people were like, 'Can we get lattes?' " We're like, 'No, you can't get anything.' People in New York just don't care." Another Teany worker, Roger Peffley, said, "He just fell on his back and blood was all over him. He yelled out, 'Call an ambulance!'

"People were just walking by with their iPod headphones on. That was tripping me out, that they kept on walking."

New York Post Online Edition: news

In case you think this story would only be reported by the "conservative" New York Post, think again. The NY Daily News has a similar account, too.

"But then I saw he was holding his stomach and there was lots of blood. I came outside and he turned and yelled, 'Call an ambulance.' Then he collapsed right in front of the shop."

At least five other people were on the street, but none of them stopped to help, Pessley said. "People were just walking by with iPods on, minding their business," he said.

New York Daily News - Home - Death stops by rocker's cafe


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