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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh wrote in a 2003 Wall Street Journal piece that President Clinton did not do everything he could to bring the perpetrators of the 1996 Khobar Towers attacks to justice...

Remember Khobar Towers: Nineteen American heroes still await American justice
BY LOUIS J. FREEH, Tuesday, May 20, 2003

[Wall Street Journal]: Unfortunately, the White House was unable or unwilling to help the FBI gain access to these critical witnesses. The only direction from the Clinton administration regarding Iran was to order the FBI to stop photographing and fingerprinting official Iranian delegations entering the U.S. because it was adversely impacting our 'relationship' with Tehran. We had argued that the MOIS was using these groups to infiltrate its agents into the U.S.

After months of inaction, I finally turned to the former President Bush, who immediately interceded with Crown Prince Abdullah on the FBI's behalf. Mr. Bush personally asked the Saudis to let the FBI do one-on-one interviews of the detained Khobar bombers. The Saudis immediately acceded. After Mr. Bush's Saturday meeting with the Crown Prince in Washington, Ambassador Wyche Fowler, Dale Watson, the FBI's excellent counterterrorism chief, and I were summoned to a Monday meeting where the crown prince directed that the FBI be given direct access to the Saudi detainees. This was the investigative breakthrough for which we had been waiting for several years.

Mr. Bush typically disclaimed any credit for his critical intervention but he earned the gratitude of many FBI agents and the Khobar families. I quickly dispatched the FBI case agents back to Saudi Arabia, where they interviewed, one-on-one, six of the Hezbollah members who actually carried out the attack. All of them directly implicated the IRGC, MOIS and senior Iranian government officials in the planning and execution of this attack. Armed with this evidence, the FBI recommended a criminal indictment that would identify Iran as the sponsor of the Khobar bombing. Finding a problem for every solution, the Clinton administration refused to support a prosecution.

The prosecution and criminal indictment for these murders had to wait for a new administration. In February 2001, working with exactly the same evidence but with a talented new prosecutor, James B. Comey Jr. (now U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York), Attorney General John Ashcroft's personal intervention, and White House support, the case was presented to a grand jury. On June 21, 2001, only four days before some of the terrorist charges would have become barred by the five-year statute of limitations, the grand jury indicted 13 Hezbollah terrorists for the Khobar attack and identified Iran as the sponsor.

Note: '60 Minutes" will report on Sunday that Freeh said that Clinton didn't press Crown Prince Abdullah on having Americans interrogate suspects but instead asked for a contribution to his presidential library. Is anyone surprised, that's all legacy driven Clinton cared about in his 2nd term.

Note 2: Robert Novak, Mar 30 2002: Bill Clinton not only received a $750,000 speaking fee for going to Saudi Arabia in January but came back with a hefty pledge for his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark., according to high-ranking Saudis.

Click here for the entire article by Louis Freeh, Remember Khobar Towers: Nineteen American heroes still await American justice.
BY LOUIS J. FREEH Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Check out this piece by The Galvin Opinion from April 2004, Failing the USS Cole, how Bill Clinton ignored threats made by Osama bin Laden towards U.S. ships.


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