Sunday, October 30, 2005



The White House limps along

Liberals and the national media were drooling at the mouth last week in anticipation of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's confirmation of what indictments were made in connection to the Valerie Wilson scandal. The insane left wing of the liberals (think Howard Dean acolytes) were even likening Patrick Fitzgerald to a political Santa Claus. Therefore, the day of his indictment announcement was considered a holiday like Christmas that they dubbed "Fitzmas" (true story, I'm not making this up). If people have to be whipped in such a lather of glee that they are looking forward to indictments then they are truly bereft of any political ideas.

The announcement that Scooter Libby was the only person indicted and was indicted for lying should have come as a disappointment for those who had visions of chain-gangs and paddy wagons dancing in their heads. Karl Rove was not indicted and neither was anyone else in the administration. What people forget is that President Bush has not even once been accused or implicated in this strange scandal, not even by his most ardent foes.

This scandal, which has consumed so much of our country's time, has not even touched the president while many other scandals have seen presidents play central roles:

Richard Nixon:
Central figure in Watergate, "what did the president know and when did he know it?"

Ronald Reagan:
While it was aggressive underlings who took part in the Iran-Contra affair Reagan was closely identified with the heroic cause of the Nicaraguan Contras. He had to directly apologize to the country for what his aides did, and the country supported Reagan the rest of his term

Bill Clinton:
The most duplicitous president we have ever had. While his wife, First Lady Hillary Clinton, was characterized as giving false testimony concerning the Travelgate scandal, President Clinton was the focus of a criminal probe. After he was sued by Paula Jones in a sexual harassment case he not only directed Monica Lewinsky to give false testimony but made sure that Lewinsky pressured Linda Tripp to do the same. Clinton even had his Cabinet members trot out and repeat his lies for him. His lies to a grand jury led to his law license being suspended.

For the time being it seems that only Scooter Libby will be prosecuted for a crime that was alleged to have been committed only after an investigation was opened. Therefore, at the time Mr. Fitzgerald was named as special prosecutor, not one crime regarded Valerie Plame had been committed.

Liberals praying for a white Fitzmas got some candy canes in their stockings but no shiny, big, expensive toys that require assembly.


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