Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Washington Post: Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks 

Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean are leading their party towards certain defeat (once again) come the 2006 elections.

The Democratic Party is adrift. It has no concrete ideas, plans nor solutions of its own. It is endangered by left-wing radicals who want to hijack the party. The Democratic Leadership is uninspired and lacking a vision for what our country needs in the long-term and short-term. The only thing uniting Democrats is their intense dislike for President Bush. The Democrats have twisted themselves into abandoning long held principles in order to counter whatever Bush has to say.

The Democrats lack of political will (they have plenty of political hatred for the president) in dealing with truly evil forces that are threatening our country is astounding. Democrats would rather argue that our country's troops torture (see Dick Durbin), and terrorize (see John Kerry) rather than liberates all in the name of making President Bush look bad. Democratic senators like Durbin and Kerry are so hellbent on attacking Bush that they are willing to drag down our military personnel in the process. Troops who are slimed as being torturers in the manner of Pol Pot and terrorizing innocent women and children are merely "political collateral damage."

Politically, 2005 was not a good year at all for President Bush. When his poll numbers sagged the mainstream media and Democrats smelled blood and pounced. While Republicans (typically) shrank and ran for cover, Bush was left alone to fend for his policies. As pundits were already writing Bush's political epitaph they were foolishly forgetting how politics can turn on a dime. It was one year ago that the Republicans were flush with happiness after President Bush was re-elected. Democrats (when not crying "foul!", a now too familiar refrain), were licking their wounds trying to wonder how they lost another election. A year from now, President Bush might even witness a Republican advantage INCREASE in both houses of Congress.

When the intensity of the 2006 campaign heats up, politicians will ratchet up the rhetoric and voters will start paying attention. The words that Democrats have uttered in the last few weeks will come back to haunt them. Republicans would be best advised to run a national campaign not be afraid of what is going on in Iraq and in domestic issues.

As for Iraq, Republicans should remind voters the old adage from the 1980's that the Democrats are "weak on defense." A vigorous foreign policy that has toppled two nasty regimes, pursued terrorists all over the world has kept our country safe and free of debilitating terrorist attacks on the home front. Democrats should have their very own words thrust back at them. Voters should be shown the "policy of retreat" trumpeted by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and others.

And when Democrats try to have their cake and eat it too by alleging President Bush mislead the country into war, video clips of Democrats supporting military action against Iraq (in both 1998 and 2003) should be shown repeatedly.

Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks

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Conservative Poland Roils European Union - New York Times

Europeans are proud of their supposedly tolerant lifestyle in which they embrace all viewpoints no matter how fringe those ideas are. Of course, that self-righteousness is a canard spread by liberal Europeans who wish to impose their views upon the whole EU regardless of local political, social and religious beliefs.

When Polish members of the European Parliament placed an anti-abortion display in a parliamentary corridor in Strasbourg, France, recently, Ana Gomes, a Socialist legislator from Portugal, felt compelled to act, she said.

The display showed children in a concentration camp, linking abortion and Nazi crimes. "We found this deeply offensive," Ms. Gomes said. "We tried to remove it." A loud scuffle ensued as she and the Poles traded insults before the display was bundled away by Parliament guards.

According to the New York Times the Poles are too weak and dim to have their own reasons for being politically and socially conservative.

Concerns about American influence on Poland grew in November when Human Rights Watch charged that Poland was a host country in a network of secret C.I.A. prisons for terrorism suspects. European Union foreign ministers have asked the United States about that report. The Polish government denies the allegation but says it is happy to have the European Union investigate.

"We need to put a protective wing around some of our new countries that are quite unused to U.S. bullying," said Sarah Ludford, and a Liberal member of the European Parliament from Britain, referring to the report of covert prisons.

Ignoring hundreds of years of Polish history in which its strong Catholic faith was a central theme, the NYTimes asserts that Poland's Catholic identity and it's affinity for the United States is a reactionary security blanket or a "comfort" that insults the bravery and fidelity that Poles have exhibited for centuries.

From the perspective of the cold war and decades of Soviet bullying, Poland's leanings toward the United States may be understandable. In a similar fashion, Poles adhered to the Roman Catholic Church for comfort during the Communist years.

NYTimes: Conservative Poland Roils European Union

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Terry Moran of Nightline interviewed of the daughter of Iraq hostage, Thomas Fox, on Tuesday night. Moran gave his best effort to show much he cared about the plight of the Christian peace activist. However, he implied and then said that Rush Limbaugh was one person who didn't care about a fellow American captured by Iraqi terrorists.

ABC News: Transcript: Dec. 6, 2005:

23:55:47 TERRY MORAN (OC) I want to ask you about the debate in this country. Your dad has now become part of it, it seems. What Rush Limbaugh and others are saying, that essentially someone as idealistic as your father, in Iraq without a lot of protection around him, was essentially asking for trouble. How do you respond to that?
23:58:15 TERRY MORAN (OC) Katherine Fox, I know you know that the hopes and prayers of almost all [emph. added] your fellow citizens are with you and your father tonight. Thank you for being with us.


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