Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Enlightened wisdom from a talking head on VH1's "I love the 80s"

Much has been written of what Stein had to say. But how about when he claimed he was too smart to join the military?

I know this is all easy to say for a guy who grew up with money, did well in school and hasn't so much as served on jury duty for his country

This week's column was not the first time that Joel Stein popped off on the military. This is what he wrote in the New Yorker last year...

Some of you might still be thinking that though the Army sounds neat, you're not so keen on getting killed overseas in some country you couldn't find on a map, if for some reason you accidentally clicked on a map. No worries. We've been fighting for three years now, and—get this—we've racked up so many points that we've got tons of bonus lives. You could actually die in two or three suicide bombings and be totally fine.

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