Wednesday, May 17, 2006


David Germain, AP Movie Writer: 'Da Vinci Code' Misses the Mark

"The Da Vinci Code" drew lukewarm praise, shrugs of indifference, some jeering laughter and a few derisive jabs Tuesday
the movie dragged on to two and a half hours and spun a long sequence of anticlimactic revelations.
One especially melodramatic line uttered by Hanks drew prolonged laughter and some catcalls, and the audience continued to titter for much of the film's remainder.

Todd McCarthy, Variety: The Da Vinci Code

director Ron Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have conspired to drain any sense of fun out of the melodrama, leaving expectant audiences with an oppressively talky film

Peter Brunette, Boston Globe: Critics crucify 'Da Vinci Code'

"I didn't like it very much. I thought it was almost as bad as the book. Tom Hanks was a zombie, thank goodness for Ian McKellen. It was overplayed, there was too much music and it was much too grandiose,"

Kirk Honeycutt: Hollywood Reporter

Yet "Da Vinci" never rises to the level of a guilty pleasure. Too much guilt. Not enough pleasure.

A.O. Scott A Code That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read

So I certainly can't support any calls for boycotting or protesting this busy, trivial, inoffensive film. Which is not to say I'm recommending you go see it.

Caroline Briggs, BBC: Review

Ron Howard's adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, which debuts at Cannes Film Festival, fails to live up to the hype that surrounded Dan Brown's novel.


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