Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Stay informed: News you can use about illegal immigration in the United States and around the world. One important question... Are there really only 12 million illegal aliens in America?

BBC: Italy considers immigrant amnesty

The new minister in charge of immigration in Italy plans to overhaul tough policies and relax the criteria required for being a legal immigrant. Paolo Ferrero says he intends to normalise the position of immigrants already in Italy, if they have jobs. Mr Ferrero was appointed by Romano Prodi, whose centre-left coalition came to power after winning April elections.

Italy has had several amnesties for illegal immigrants and on each occasion, the number of residency permits available has been far exceeded by the number of people applying.

Two months ago, more than 500,000 people queued for just 180,000 permits. The numbers applying show there are far more illegal immigrants living in Italy than official statistics suggest.

BBC: Spain urged to stem migrant flow

Lawmakers in Spain's Canary Islands have urged the central government in Madrid to do more to stem what they say is an "avalanche" of illegal migrants.
Madrid wants African nations to take back illegal migrants already in Spain. Last week, Spain launched a three-year diplomatic offensive to try to persuade six nations in West Africa to bring the crisis under control.

MSNBC: Kids could be split from illegal parents

The United States has one of the most liberal citizenship policies in the world, granting citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil based on an 1868 constitutional amendment. About 3.1 million children are U.S. citizens by birth, even though one or both of their parents are here illegally, according to estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese III: An Amnesty by Any Other Name ...

There is a practical problem as well: the 1986 act did not solve our illegal immigration problem. From the start, there was widespread document fraud by applicants. Unsurprisingly, the number of people applying for amnesty far exceeded projections. And there proved to be a failure of political will in enforcing new laws against employers.

Washington Post: Senate Advances Sweeping Immigration Bill

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to limit debate on election-year immigration legislation, clearing the way for final passage later this week of a bill that calls for tougher border security as well as an eventual chance at citizenship for millions of men and women in the country illegally.

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