Wednesday, May 10, 2006


1) Daily Bulletin: U.S. tipping Mexico to Minuteman patrols

While Minuteman civilian patrols are keeping an eye out for illegal border crossers, the U.S. Border Patrol is keeping an eye out for Minutemen -- and telling the Mexican government where they are.

According to three documents on the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Web site, the U.S. Border Patrol is to notify the Mexican government as to the location of Minutemen and other civilian border patrol groups when they participate in apprehending illegal immigrants -- and if and when violence is used against border crossers.

2) Washington Post: Many births fueled by illegal immigration

3) Political Theory: Consent of the Governed

4) Andrew McCarthy on immigration

There is no more explosive issue on the political landscape than illegal immigration. Not only has it sharply divided the American people, who want it stopped and reversed, from the political classes, which want to legitimize and, perforce, encourage more of it. It may be singularly responsible for President Bush’s alarmingly low approval ratings.

5) Iran leader Ahmadinejad encourages President Bush to embrace Islam

6) Daniel McKivergan on the infamous letter

7) Irwin Stelzer: Sarbanes Oxley: Good or bad for business?

Sarbanes-Oxley certainly has its costs. But it also has benefits. Corporate capitalism depends for its survival on a broadly held feeling that the system is fair, and that potential conflicts of interest between managers and shareholders can be contained. Perception matters, and the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley added to the perception that politicians were prepared to act if executive behavior becomes excessively unseemly.


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