Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Rich Lowry on Immigration on National Review Online:

"Like President Clinton's gesture of sending more U.S. troops to Somalia after the 'Black Hawk Down' battle in Mogadishu, when everyone knew we were really on our way out, Bush's Guard deployment is a prelude to surrender. The immigrants who have come here in defiance of our laws will get to stay, bring their families and be joined by just as many immigrants in the future´┐Żat least if Bush gets his way.

It is with this position that Bush has wrecked his political standing, kicking out from under himself the support of his conservative base. Bush's National Guard feint is a sign that the White House thinks conservatives are not just disaffected, but credulous. The Guard won't have any real enforcement duties. It will merely provide logistical backup to the Border Patrol. The Guard's presence will be temporary, until a proposed doubling of Border Patrol agents takes place. But if the past is any guide, all of those new positions ultimately won't be funded, once the political heat passes. "

After the hubbub of the speech has died done, what will be the actual outcome in Congress? It seems that the president and Senate will gang up on the House.


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