Thursday, January 05, 2006


Norwegian senior official supports planned consumer boycott of Israeli goods as show of "solidarity" with Palestinians

BBC: Kristin Halvorsen, 45, has led the Socialist Left party since 1997

In another stunning display of official European anti-Semitism, Norway's Finance Minister has backed a call for a boycott of Israeli products. Her shocking comments can be ascribed as anti-Semitic due to her self professed expression of "solidarity" indicative of a support for terrorist activities.

According to the BBC,

"Norway's Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen is backing a planned consumer boycott of Israeli goods, contradicting the coalition government's policy. Ms Halvorsen voiced support for a campaign of solidarity with the Palestinians, due to be launched by her Socialist Left party this month.

"It is a long time since I bought any Israeli products," she told Norway's Dagbladet newspaper.

While the Norwegian national government has not signed up for such a boycott, one town already has:

Last month, the municipality of Soer-Trondelag in central Norway launched a boycott of Israeli goods and services.

A spokesman said the national government will not go along with the proposal but attributes the boycott plan to "differences" of opinion that are natural among party coalitions. However, I think that competing ideas on how to clean streets can be considered normal "differences" but boycotts of this sort should be condemned.

A finance ministry spokesman, Runar Malkenes, told the BBC News website that "there are no moves to push for a boycott of Israeli goods" at government level.

He said such differences of view were part of coalition politics.

Do you know how to read/speak Norwegian? Here is a link to an article about Halvorsen in the newspaper, Dagblodet.

BBC NEWS: Norway split over Israel boycott



It was one player, Vince Young, who dominated the Rose Bowl and carried the Texas Longhorns to the national championship

Great player and an unforgettable performance. But, Vince Young didn't have to strike the Heisman Trophy pose. What was he trying to do, mock Heisman winners Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush? Or was he trying to send a disgruntled message to Heisman voters? Either way, the childish preening wasn't necessary.

Vince Young did make a great impression when he was on the gridiron. He almost single-handedly defeated the USC Trojans who many, prematurely, described as the best ever. The NFL Draft will most likely see Reggie Bush go as the first pick to the Houston Texans. The New Orleans Saints will take the electrifying Young (can he repeat his magic in the NFL?). Leinart will be reunited, as the third pick, with Norm Chow of the Tennessee Titans.


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