Friday, January 06, 2006


"Shock jock" begs his daughter not to disrobe for an off-Broadway show.

The writer and director of the production "Kabbalah", Tuvia Tenenbom said Howard Stern begged his daughter not to disrobe for the show.

"I'm terribly disap pointed," said Tuvia Ten enbom, who wrote and directed the satire on how the Jewish mystical practice has gone commer cial.

Tenenbom told The Post that Howard had begged Emily not to do the show, which debuted Nov. 15 and was set to run until the end of January. "He told her, 'If you're in that show, a lot of people are going to use it against me. Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!' " Tenenbom said.

Besides the obvious, the show sounds like it's a weird flop in the making. But someone is already hurling the "hypocrite" charge at Howard Stern.

For years, the shock jock has coaxed women to get naked in his studio. At the same time, he carefully guarded the privacy of his three daughters, Emily, 22; Deborah, 18; and Ashley, 12. His agent didn't return a call and Sirius Satellite Radio, where his new show begins Monday, had no comment. Show publicist Penny Landau said: "Here is Howard Stern afraid of people doing to his daughter what he does to other people's daughters."

Howard Stern hit the mainstream many years ago. His swan song was a month ago when mainstream media types like Katie Couric and "60 Minutes" lavished him with fawning attention. There was no serious mention of his "antics" but it seems that he does know consequences his show has posed for young women.



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