Thursday, January 26, 2006


Byron York has declared victory, too early: The way the Democrats treated Judge Alito is a harbinger of things to come.

Justice Alito? Slow down, giddy Republicans

National Review's Byron York is an expert on the motivations and passions of the left-wing. He is well aware of how the liberals are capable of trying any political maneuver, ethical or not, in order to outflank the Republicans on various issues. Therefore, it is surprising that Byron York is already declaring victory when it comes to Judge Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. York wrote that Bill Frist is not worrying about the pace of Alito's confirmation process, but both York and Senator Frist should be worried. The amount of hostility, from Democratic senators, towards Chief Justice Roberts and Judge Alito indicates that if President Bush makes one more Supreme Court nomination, it will probably fail to survive a filibuster. And Alito's nomination is not out of the woods, yet.

The title of York's latest column on Alito's nomination is "On Alito, Republicans Win, Democrats Talk". York should not count his chickens before they're hatched. Any effort by the Democrats to block Alito's nomination is still a possibility. Republicans should not be complacent when it comes to making sure that Alito gets to the Supreme Court, anything is possible.

However, York only wonders why the White House is keen on seeing Alito confirmed before the president's State of the Union speech.

Whatever. By the end of the day, Democrats were reduced to talking, and talking, and talking. And Republicans were worrying not about whether Alito would win, but about how much they should allow Democrats to talk. State of the Union or no State of the Union, that's a situation that should make the GOP very, very happy.

The Democrats are not chastened. In fact, they are more committed to making life as difficult as possible for Bush's Supreme Court nominees. Even though Justices Ginsburg and Breyer received an overwhelming number of votes from Republicans, Roberts and Alito have not enjoyed such magnanimity from the Democrats.

Roberts: 78 votes
Alito: 60 votes (estimated)
The next nominee: Surely lower than Alito's

Why have the Democrats dragged out Alito's nomination? York finds it odd that the White House is keen on having Alito confirmed before the president's speech but doesn't question why the Democrats are stalling.

Today, the New York Times came out in favor of a filibuster. Tonight, John Kerry has proposed a filibuster of Alito's nomination and has received Ted Kennedy's blessing. York may think that the game is won but the Democrats are only rehearsing for the next nomination - or getting geared up to sabotage Alito's confirmation.

Don't be surprised if the New York Times editorial advocating an Alito filibuster is a trial balloon, floated in concert with and on behalf of the Democrats, and the Republicans have tap danced their way into a trap. The Republicans have been too compliant when it comes to allowing the Democrats to steamroll over President Bush's Supreme Court nominees. I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats snatch victory from the jaws of defeat just as Republicans like Byron York are toasting Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito.

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