Wednesday, February 01, 2006


President Bush's State of the Union speech was a pleasant surprise. However, anxious voters won't be happy until they see results from Washington

The president gave a stirring speech that was not a rehashing of his similar words and tired phrases. But, President Bush and Congress are dealing with a restless nation. After Americans placed their faith with the nation's leaders in the aftermath of 9/11, they have been let down on numerous occasions since then. Hurricane Katrina was an unmitigated disaster a failure of leadership at the local, state and federal level. The war in Iraq (as honorable as its aims) has not gone as well as planned or as promised. Republicans in Congress have been gone drunk with power, more concerned with remaining majority status instead of carrying out promises made to conservatives. And Democrats have poisoned Washington, DC to the point that any support of Bush is anathema and any criticism of Bush is essential regardless of any ideas and issues that are on the table.

After 3,000 civilians were killed on a day that showed up to work, after 2,000 soldiers have died thousands of miles away in order to protect our way of life, it is important that our nation's leaders get down to business and produce some results for a weary nation. Americans will not tolerate politicians who go on golf junkets, will not tolerate obstructionists who do their best work in front of a tv camera, will not tolerate speeches, platitudes and cliches.

If Democrats want to win control of something, anything (the House, Senate or White House) they better put away the knives and start negotiating in good faith and show Americans that they stand up for our troops and can stand up to terrorists. Trashing judicial nominees won't win them votes, either. If Republicans want to prove that they are worthy of being steward's of a country at a crossroads they should do so by ignoring the siren call of earmarks and listening to the concerns of small business owners. If President Bush wants to see his poll numbers rise and leave a lasting legacy he better follow through on promises of making America more competitive against our new rivals (China and India) and be serious about reducing America's dependence on foreign oil.

Enough words, let's see some action.

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