Wednesday, February 15, 2006


WHAT?! I almost can't believe this is a true story. Let me get this straight - the German highest court ruled that it is unconstitutional to protect Germans from being killed by hijackers?

The German highest court has eviscerated its own country's ability to defend itself from psychotic terrorists. This, after the horrors of 9/11 have been made known to the world. So, the German court would have the German military sit idly by and watch hijacked planes crash into buildings, homes, hospitals and military bases?

Logic has fled the continent of Europe.

Germany Can No Longer Shoot Down Hijacked Planes:

"BERLIN, Feb. 15 -- Germany's highest court overturned a law Wednesday that authorized the government to shoot down hijacked civilian airliners, ruling that it was unconstitutional to sacrifice the lives of passengers to protect potential targets of a terrorist attack.

German lawmakers had approved the law giving the defense minister the power to open fire on hijacked planes in 2003, after a mentally disturbed pilot threatened to crash a small plane into the European Central Bank tower and other landmarks in Frankfurt. The law was challenged by opponents who argued that the constitution forbids the military from endangering the lives of German citizens or exercising domestic police powers.

Although European nations bolstered air security measures after the Sept. 11, 2001 hijackings in the United States, they have struggled for years to coordinate their laws and policies when it comes to dealing with a hijacked airliner.
In some countries, like Sweden, it is forbidden to shoot down a civilian plane under any circumstances. Others rely on neighboring countries or NATO forces to patrol their skies and respond to potential terrorists. Security officials say the contradictory rules make it inherently difficult to respond to a hijacking on a continent where airplanes can cross the airspace of multiple countries in a matter of minutes."

If you don't believe me, here is the Washington Post article

Germany Can No Longer Shoot Down Hijacked Planes



Accidents happen or do they: Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick, Bill Clinton falls down at Greg Norman's house, Dick Cheney pops a friend in the face with a bb gun

White House reporters (like David Gregory) are hopping mad that Vice President Cheney shot his friend in a hunting accident. Or are they mad that the Vice President's waited a day before publicizing the news? Or are they mad that a small Corpus Christi newspaper, instead of a major publication, got the scoop?

It's hard to tell what the fuss is all about. The only terrible part of this little saga is that a 78 year old man is in the hospital due to a hunting accident. However, what is mystifying is how the vice president has chosen to stay quiet and has directed his staff to stay quiet on the matter. If the police were properly notified after the incident, there can be little harm done in explaining what happened.

Is the media outraged because an innocent man got hurt or are they blinded by partisan rage and hatred for the vice president?

Media types like David Gregory demand answers but we now know more about quails and coveys than we know what actually happened at Chappaquiddick. And did Bill Clinton really hurt his knee by falling down the stairs at Greg Norman's house in March 1997? I don't know the answer to the following question but how long did it take for the Clinton White House to announce that the president tumbled inside the golfer's home?

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