Thursday, February 16, 2006


Pew poll consistently shows that conservative Republicans are happiest in America: Somebody give Maureen Dowd a hug

Since Pew started polling "happiness" levels in 1972, Republicans have always been happier than Democrats. This explains why your liberal co-workers are always dour. This could you help you better understand the muttering neighbor who still has a Dukakis-Bentsen bumper sticker on his car.

Who are the happiest people in America? Conservative Republicans are among the most joyous, according to a survey released yesterday by the Pew Research Center for the Public and the Press, which found that 47 percent of respondents who were both conservative and Republican said they were "very happy."
The findings revealed that the Republican Party has an upbeat history: Republicans have been consistently happier than Democrats every year since the survey began in 1972, with up to a 17 percentage point lead. Republicans topped their rivals by 11 points even during the Carter and Clinton presidencies, according to Pew.

"The GOP happiness edge over Democrats has ebbed and flowed in a pattern that appears unrelated to which party is in political power," the survey said, noting "a significant partisan gap."

Twenty-eight percent of liberal Democrats were in the "very happy" group; the figure was 31 percent among conservative or moderate Democrats and 45 percent among moderate or liberal Republicans.

You know what's coming next - liberals are going to argue, "that's because Republicans are rich!" Well, check this out...

Good feelings don't seem to hinge on money, either. Considering household income, "Republicans still have a significant edge: that is, poor Republicans are happier than poor Democrats; middle-income Republicans are happier than middle-income Democrats, and rich Republicans are happier than rich Democrats," the survey stated.

And what should make liberals even more unhappy is the unsurprising result that families who stay and pray together are happy.

The survey revealed other trends. "Married people are happier than unmarrieds. People who worship frequently are happier than those who don't," it stated.

Among married people, 43 percent were very happy, compared with 24 percent of those who were single.

Pew Research Center: Are We Happy Yet? (Percentage very happy)

Catholics - Catholics who attend church at least weekly are more likely to be very happy than are Catholics who attend services less often.
38% - Attend mass at least once a week
28% - Attend mass less often

Church Attendance - Those who attend religious services weekly or more often are happier than are those attending less often.
43% - Attend weekly or more
31% - Attend monthly or less
26% - Attend seldom or never

40% - Conservative
33% - Moderate
27% - Liberal

Marital Status
43% - Married
24% - Not Married

Party Identification - Republicans happier than independents, Democrats
45% - Republican
30% - Democrat
29% - independent

Party ID and Family Income
Under 30K
28% - Republican
23% - Democrat

30K to 50K
44% - Republican
23% - Democrat

50K to 75K
45% - Republican
30% - Democrat

75K and over
52% - Republican
41% - Democrat

Notice that Republicans who make between 30K and 50K are happier than Democrats who make more than 75K.

Click here to read the whole poll, Pew Research Center: Are We Happy Yet?

Update, Thur Feb 23: George Will knows what I'm talking about

Republicans happier than rivals-Nation/Politics-The Washington Times, America's Newspaper


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