Friday, April 07, 2006


The Senate Republicans have it all wrong. Their "compromise" plan is unworkable and can't be enforced. Only THE GALVIN OPINION has the right idea on what to do to solve the illegal immigration problem...

These guys don't know what they're doing - The Galvin Opinion has a plan...

So, the Senate is patting itself on the back for coming up with a three-tiered system for determining who gets to stay and who has to leave (voluntarily) the United States.

Under the Senate's plan
I: 7 million illegal immigrants who have been here for more than 5 years would be allowed to stay provided that they 1) are employed 2) pay fines 3) learn English.

II: 3 million illegal aliens who have been here between 2 to 5 years have to leave - temporarily, mind you - and come back as "temporary workers".

III: 1 million illegal immigrants who've been here less than 2 years would have to leave the country with no guarantee of ever coming back. (New York Times)

The problem with the Senate's plan is that you have at least 4 million people with no incentive to participate in this program. They will have to go through many hoops in order to try for a slim shot of living in America permanently. The plan will cause cynicism, and attempts to pass through the more desirable top tier of this "immigration pyramid". Many illegal aliens already have forged Social Security cards and other forms of ID. Most government agencies don't know who they are and there will be many attempts to mimic the IDs of people who have been here for 5 years.

1. There will be a system in which all 12 million illegal aliens will be treated EQUALLY.
2. Every illegal alien - regardless of how many years they have been here - will have to register for a new number depending on which country they hail from.
3. Every illegal alien will have 3 years from the date of inception to register for a number.
4. Every month, for 3 years, a drawing of those numbers will be held in which, let's say, 50% of those chosen will be allowed to stay while 50% will have to leave. That would mean a predetermined number of 6 million would be allowed to stay. (Won't it be great to see what number Congress agrees to? 25%? 33%?)
5. Those who have proved that they have assimilated, speak English well and would otherwise be granted legal status if they were applying from their home country can sign up on a "first come first served" basis to start filling up predetermined slots.
6. Illegal aliens must be present at the drawing in order to find out they are staying or going home.
7. Those whose numbers come up become legal residents provided they pass several more incidental requirements (fines, taxes, etc.)
8. Those whose numbers did not come up must be escorted out immediately.
9. Anyone who has not registered for the special number within the 3 year period is considered an illegal alien, subject to deportation.

This will be a fair process in which there is no reason nor incentive to try to "game" the system. Either you can stay, or you must leave. Every nationality will be treated fairly as each one is subjected to the same rules. After 3 years, everyone's status is clear. After that, then the federal government can address where "temporary" and "guest" worker programs are needed, but let's not put the cart in front of the horse.

The entire illegal alien population did not arrive overnight. The United States was complicit in this problem and derelict in its duties when it came to manning the borders. Therefore, some people should stay but not everyone.

What's good about this system is that by making people "come out of the shadows" officials will learn everyone's real name, birth date, address, etc. It will be in an illegal alien's best interest to give her rightful information knowing there is a good chance she can stay.

However, none of this should be implemented until the federal government has proved that it is able to effectively patrol and control the border (such as an effective wall and sanctioning unscrupulous employers). The United States should not be a "pressure valve" for other countries that are rife with corruption and lack the will to do something constructive for their people.

The Senate plan will be rife with abuse, confusion and lacking the necessary teeth to be enforced.

The Galvin Plan would set up a new framework that will be clear, concise and orderly.

I'm willing to answer questions, debate the finer points and here reactions to this proposal.

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