Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is absolutely hilarious. The BBC's Karen Bowerman will never live this down.

Guy Kewney: expert on internet issues

Kewney's cab driver: interviewed by the BBC who thought he was Kewney

He is the BBC's latest star - the cab driver who a leading presenter believed was a world expert on the internet music business.
The man stepped unwittingly into the national spotlight when he was interviewed by mistake on the corporation's News 24 channel.

With the seconds ticking down to a studio discussion about a court case involving Apple Computer and The Beatles' record label, a floor manager had run to reception and grabbed the man, thinking he was Guy Kewney, editor of Newswireless.net, a specialist internet publication.

Actually, he was a minicab driver who had been waiting to drive Mr Kewney home.

Baffled, but compliant, the driver was fitted with a microphone and allowed himself to be marched in to the studio. Cameras rolled, and he was quizzed live on air by consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman - who missed the cabbie's panic-stricken expression when he realised he was being interviewed.

Should be a valuable lesson for all tv journalists everywhere - listen to what your guests are saying! She seemed to be going through the motions in the interview and paid the price.

Sunday Mail: Baffed Cabbie on BBC

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