Monday, June 05, 2006


What happened to the so-called Latin American leftward shift that the mainstream media was touting?

Make no mistake, this was a vote against Hugo Chavez more than a support of Alan Garcia.

Latin Americans are wary of the Chavez-Castro axis and this would be a good time for the United States, led by President Bush, to support Latin America in making serious reforms and become a credible player on the economic and political world stage.

Garcia and other elected officials in Latin America have to do their own part to make sure that systemic corruption is effectively eradicated, once and for all so that the poor people of this beautiful region can finally be allowed to live and thrive in peace.

Ex-President Wins in Peru in Stunning Comeback - New York Times:

"Mr. García gained even more traction after Venezuela's populist president, Hugo Chávez, endorsed Mr. Humala, setting off an angry diplomatic spat. His effort to help Mr. Humala seemed to backfire because Mr. García rose in the polls in recent weeks. On Sunday night, Mr. García seemed to relish the setback to Mr. Chávez, who had spoken of an alliance with an Humala government as part of his bulwark against American influence in the region.

'Tonight, the country has sent a message of sovereignty and national independence and defeated Mr. Hugo Chávez's efforts to incorporate us in his expansionist strategy,' said Mr. García, whose victory is sure to please the Bush administration.

Contrasting sharply with his earlier persona, Mr. García has said that prosperity would come only through trade and investments. But he has also pledged to emphasize economic development, from protecting farmers from the effects of a free-trade agreement with the United States to providing aid to small businesses.

To be sure, he continues to display flourishes of the populism that made him a darling of the international left in the 1980's, raising questions about which Alan García will emerge when he takes office at the end of July."

NYTimes: Ex-President Wins in Peru in Stunning Comeback


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