Saturday, May 12, 2007

GORDON BROWN: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE PRIME MINISTER Blair Endorses Gordon Brown as His Successor - New York Times 

Blair Endorses Gordon Brown as His Successor - New York Times

How will Gordon Brown be different from the affable Tony Blair? How will his policies be similar?

As a first step to becoming prime minister, Mr. Brown announced his candidacy in the race for the Labor Party leadership, although it is doubtful that he will face serious opposition. Most Labor Party heavyweights who might have challenged Mr. Brown signaled their reluctance to do so in the weeks leading to Mr. Blair’s announcement on Thursday that he would step down on June 27.

Two Labor left-wingers who said they would challenge Mr. Brown have failed to reach a deal on which of them should stand, apparently because of a lack of support among Labor lawmakers.

Mr. Brown appeared before a crowd of cheering, youthful Labor Party supporters in central London to make his announcement today.

“Today I announce that I’m a candidate to be leader of the Labor Party and to lead a new government,” he said.

In a clear effort to distance himself from Mr. Blair, he promised greater government accountability, new procedures to allow parliament a voice in going to war and a greater stress on what he called “hearts and minds” alongside military efforts to combat terrorism and promote security.

“Tony Blair has led our country for 10 years with distinction, with courage, with passion and with insight and in the weeks and months ahead my task is to show that I have the new ideas, the vision and the experience to earn the trust of the British people,” Mr. Brown said. “Today there are new priorities and I offer a new leadership for this new time.”

He will almost certainly run unopposed. But will he have the support of the British people?


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