Saturday, May 12, 2007

JIHAD EVERYWHERE: Qaeda Presence in Pakistan Worries Britain - New York Times 

Qaeda Presence in Pakistan Worries Britain - New York Times

Pakistan is our putative ally. What should and can they do to confront Al Qaeda?

The diplomat, Robert Brinkley, the British high commissioner to Pakistan, said that although the Pakistani government had made praiseworthy efforts to find and detain terrorists, “the fight is not finished.”

“There are still some terrorists able to get in touch with the others,” Mr. Brinkley said, speaking at the Peshawar Press Club.

Of particular concern, he said, was that extremists in Britain were still communicating with terrorist leaders in the tribal areas, looking to them for “guidance, ideas and, in some cases, training for operations.” Such contacts were believed to have been a factor in the deadly London transit bombings in July 2005, he said, adding, “It’s top priority to ensure it does not happen again.”

Britain sees a lot of travelers from Pakistan. They seem to be quite worried.


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